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Sunday, August 29, 2010

QB Controversey in Jacksonville? Not Impossible.

Jaguars' Quarterback David Garrard put up great numbers last night during the Jags win agains the Buccaneers....wait for it... B U T, his performance in the red zone was lackluster at best. Garrard was 24 of 30 for 211 yards, which on paper looks great, but he threw a crucial interception in the red zone and threw a few other "questionable" balls. On the other hand back up QB Luke McCown threaded the needle in a beautiful throw to WR John Matthews for a touchdown. After watching that play, I would be lying if I didn't admit to thinking "maybe McCown should be given the chance to lead this team".

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Preseason, We Talkin' Bout the Preseason!

I've already seen some reports, Jags still don't have a pass rush, Garrard is average, McCown is an all pro. SETTLE DOWN PEOPLE! It's the first game of the preseason, which tells me all I need to know. My point here is we can analyze the game tape from last night, but I don't put alot of stock in it.That being said, let's take a look at some things we need to keep our eyes on going forward:


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jaguars vs. Eagles Preview | Jaguars Central

As the Jacksonville Jaguars prepare to take on the Philadelphia Eagles this Friday night, there are a few key match-ups that may be an indication of what's to come.

Read More Jaguars vs. Eagles Preview Jaguars Central

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Future of the Garrard-Del Rio Administration Could Be Decided This Season!

2010 may indeed be the season that determines the fate of the Jacksonville Jaguar's two main men- QB David Garrad & Head Coach Jack Del Rio. The Jags have a great deal of momentum heading into this season including an enthusiastic, supportive fan base and what should prove –to-be a much stronger O line and Defense. During the off season it has been reported that Garrard has sharpened his leadership skills and initiated team-building dinners with the players. He has realized that an off-the-field relationship with his teammates will increase his player’s desire to fight for him -on the field. That should help his chances but the fans will demand more than mediocrity and a slightly improved Season. The fans want and deserve leadership, excellence, and most of all Passion- and it may be now or never!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dear Jacksonville: Yes We Can!

First things first…Rookie Defensive Tackle and first round draft pick Tyson Alualu has officially signed a 5 year-28 M contract (17.5 million guaranteed) with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Alualu has been in Jacksonville for less than 24 hours and already the air is a lil fresher on the First Coast. He is soft spoken with a positive and determined demeanor…. which reminds me of my wish this birthday…Maybe, just maybe, Jacksonville and it’s peeps will start emulating Alualu’s style and start out on the journey of a culture change in our great city. Jacksonville’s M-O has long been two steps, forward-three steps back. We have so much to offer- great warm weather, the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, affordable yet quality higher education institutions, great economic potential- yet we risk it all with the business -as-usual detrimental, negative self-fulfilling prophecy. Perhaps our greatest attribute is our love and passion for the game of football- we just haven’t channeled that passion in the most effective manner yet! In the age of self-help books, motivational speakers, life coaches and etc. one would think that we would start to get the fact that the world will see us as we see ourselves and now is the time to prove ourselves (I am telling you- Tony Robbins would have an absolute field day in J-ville)


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Only Five More Saturdays......

It's Saturday morning at 10:00am and I'm enjoying my cup of Joe. But there is something missing...... College Gameday with Corso and the boys. Not to worry my friends, or should I say "Not so fast my friends", as of today we we only have five more Saturdays that we must suffer without our College Gameday crew. More importantly, only five more Saturdays without College Football and all of it's pageantry and excitement.

Only five more Saturdays before the sports bars fill up. Only five more Saturdays before you rush to the grocery store either before 10:00 or just before 12:00pm kickoff. I can feel it in the air....chicken wings, spinach dip, chips, guacamole, and of course a tasty lager of your choice.

So hold on my friends, it will be here before you know it. In the meantime, enjoy your cup of Joe, get some yard work done, head to the beach, or get some must needed shopping in. Come September 4th at 10:00am, the best time of year truly begins!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Jaguars Have Not Signed Alualu Yet

While Jaguar fans anxiously await the signing of Tyson Alualu, some are starting to wonder if yet another first round draft pick will miss most or all of training camp. Over the last two years, the Jaguars have been unable to sign their first round picks prior to the start of training camp and this year is not an exception.

The question remains, when will the rookie out of the University of California sign with the Jags and get into to camp? Fans have seen firsthand how much former first-rounders Derrick Harvey and Eugene Monore have struggled in their first season and they attribute that to missing training camp.

According to TFY Draft Insider on Twitter, the Jaguars haven't yet offered Alualu a contract to sign. This time however, it is not the Jaguar's or Alualu's fault. Typically top ten first rounders sign in the order for which they were drafted. With the number one overall pick, Sam Bradford, still unsigned the process of signing the rest of the top ten has been delayed. Once the number one pick signs, contracts will take on a "domino effect". So until Bradford and other players drafted before Alualu sign, worried Jaguar fans will more than likely have to wait.
UPDATE: As of Saturday, July 31st, Sam Bradford has signed a contract. Draft picks 8 and 11 have signed as well. If 9th pick CJ Spiller signs, expect a contract offer from the Jags to be imminent.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tebow Signs a $33 millon - 5 Year Contract with the Broncos

Jockey is not the only contract Tim Tebow signed this week. Tebow and the Broncos reached an agreement today that is reportedly worth $33 million, with $8.7 million guaranteed. He was picked 25th overall in the draft, the Broncos' second pick in the first round.

Tebow is expected to be at practice tomorrow and will share snaps with Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn. Full team activities for the Broncos will begin on Sunday.

One thing we do know for sure is that Head Coach Josh Daniels will not be allowing Tebow to participate in Oklahoma Drills like he did at Florida. One thing we don't know....will he take snaps in his hometown Jacksonville on opening day?

Bank It - The Jagaurs are Back!

We've all heard Jacksonville Jaguar fans refer to the Jaguars and the city as Duuu-vaaalll, but now fans might want to consider saying in bank vault. That is because EverBank stepped up and agreed to terms with the Jaguars for naming rights to the stadium for 5 years.

Maybe this will put an end to the rumors that the Jags will be moving to Los Angeles. In fact the Huffington Post published an article yesterday aptly titled "Jaguars to L.A.? Don't Take It to the EverBank!"

Maybe, just maybe, the Jaguars and the fan base will get their Swagger back. Remember the days of old when the North End Zone was filled with crazy Jag fans that would pump up defensive pro-bowlers like Marcus Stroud and John Henderson? There was electricity in the air and you could feel it.

The Jaguars have ample momentum right now and while this has always been a College Football town, the people of Duuu-vault are starting to realize that the Jaguars are the lifeblood of the city. With the inception of Team Teal and all of Toni Bascelli's efforts, you can sense that the tide is changing back to the days of old. The people of Jacksonville are beginning to re-invest in the Jaguars..... you can take that to the EverBank!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tim Tebow announced as new Jockey underwear spokesperson |

No words needed....obviously a perfect fit!
Tim Tebow announced as new Jockey underwear spokesperson

Dreaming of The Boys of Fall!

So how many times will we hear Chesney's soon to be #1 hit- "The Boys of Fall" on College Game Day this year? The answer is definitely "not enough" because the song is awesome and so is College Football. It is about to be 'The Most Wonderful Time of Year' and I know you can smell it in the air....Me? I'm starting to get "that feeling" know the feeling I'm talking about all too well- the giddy, super excited feeling that makes your toe tingles. It's the same feeling I get shopping at Anthropologie....its the same feeling as the final rose ceremony on the Bachelorette....Pure elation!

I'm starting to dream of Kirk Herbstreit (not in that way, get your mind out of the gutter- but he is uber hot), Chris Fowler, and yes even ole delirious Lee Corso, coronas at 10:00 a.m., chicken wing dip, and re-runs of Game Day at 2:00 am on a Sunday morning that hear on your way to bathroom. and how i've missed Lou Holtz, his motivational speeches, and fresh spit being sent over the airwaves! There is nothing better than college football and yes guys, girls can love it just as much as you do. The bonus Jonas about being a football girl is that we enjoy the competition & the muscles shown through the tight white pants- just sayin....

Girls grab your feathered, polka dotted beer kouzy, your fav team bling, and get ready for some 12 oz curls- it's football season! Holla.

Are You Ready For Some Football????'s that time of year again. Although judging by the 100 degree temperatures and 50% humidity all across the country it might not yet feel like it. Before you know it, you will find yourself hitting the sporting goods store to find the newest apparel for your favorite team. The outfit, of course, is only one piece of the puzzle. Being a southern girl we know it is all about the TAILGATE!

Just to make it interesting I have managed to put together my Top 5 "must-haves" for the ultimate tailgate. This list is not intended to be exclusive, so please be sure to post your thoughts as well. With that being we go.

Number 5: The Vehicle
It all begins with the proper vehicle to make an awesome tailgate. Whether it be an SUV, Mini-Van a.k.a. Swagger-Wagon, or a military vehicle that will hold about a dozen people. The take home point.... a 4-door sedan will not get the job done.

Number 4: The Parking Spot
Make sure you are parked in the middle of all the action. One of the best parts of tailgating is the people-watching that takes place. Also listen up ladies, this is an important one. It is imperative that the parking spot be as close to a restroom as possible. Oh...and bring your own roll of TP.

Number 3: The Tunes
A loaded IPOD with hits from Jimmy Buffett, Kenney Chesney, some hard core tunes like "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" and of course what would a tailgate be without some Ludacris?

Number 2: Food & Beverage
Now this will be many peoples number 1 and I totally get that. A cooler full of beer is a no-brainer. Many also like Southern Comfort (SoCo), Jim Beam and Crown Royal. For early kick-off, Bloody Mary's and Mimosas aren't too shabby either.

The food however is where it's at! That is why a grill is a must. We all enjoy wings, hot dogs and burgers....but sometimes we like to take it a step further. On some occasions we will throw on some ribs, bratwursts, or even some filets on the grill. Let's not forget the side dishes are uber- important as well.

Number 1: The Games
Other than drinking, eating and people-wacthing, playing drinking games are number 1 in my book. On every Saturday/Sunday in the fall we get to revert back to our college years and find ourselves playing games such as beer-bong and flip-cup. But my all-time favorite, without question, has to be CORNHOLE!

So there you have it, my guide to the Ultimate Tailgate!
let's get it started!