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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Are You Ready For Some Football????'s that time of year again. Although judging by the 100 degree temperatures and 50% humidity all across the country it might not yet feel like it. Before you know it, you will find yourself hitting the sporting goods store to find the newest apparel for your favorite team. The outfit, of course, is only one piece of the puzzle. Being a southern girl we know it is all about the TAILGATE!

Just to make it interesting I have managed to put together my Top 5 "must-haves" for the ultimate tailgate. This list is not intended to be exclusive, so please be sure to post your thoughts as well. With that being we go.

Number 5: The Vehicle
It all begins with the proper vehicle to make an awesome tailgate. Whether it be an SUV, Mini-Van a.k.a. Swagger-Wagon, or a military vehicle that will hold about a dozen people. The take home point.... a 4-door sedan will not get the job done.

Number 4: The Parking Spot
Make sure you are parked in the middle of all the action. One of the best parts of tailgating is the people-watching that takes place. Also listen up ladies, this is an important one. It is imperative that the parking spot be as close to a restroom as possible. Oh...and bring your own roll of TP.

Number 3: The Tunes
A loaded IPOD with hits from Jimmy Buffett, Kenney Chesney, some hard core tunes like "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" and of course what would a tailgate be without some Ludacris?

Number 2: Food & Beverage
Now this will be many peoples number 1 and I totally get that. A cooler full of beer is a no-brainer. Many also like Southern Comfort (SoCo), Jim Beam and Crown Royal. For early kick-off, Bloody Mary's and Mimosas aren't too shabby either.

The food however is where it's at! That is why a grill is a must. We all enjoy wings, hot dogs and burgers....but sometimes we like to take it a step further. On some occasions we will throw on some ribs, bratwursts, or even some filets on the grill. Let's not forget the side dishes are uber- important as well.

Number 1: The Games
Other than drinking, eating and people-wacthing, playing drinking games are number 1 in my book. On every Saturday/Sunday in the fall we get to revert back to our college years and find ourselves playing games such as beer-bong and flip-cup. But my all-time favorite, without question, has to be CORNHOLE!

So there you have it, my guide to the Ultimate Tailgate!


  1. could not have said it better myself, except I prefer flip cup ovr cornhole!!!

    The Steens

  2. Are there going to be any SEMINOLES represented around here? Awesome idea chicas :)

  3. We will will definitely talk some FSU football. You have a Heisman candidate....blogs about that to follow.