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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Future of the Garrard-Del Rio Administration Could Be Decided This Season!

2010 may indeed be the season that determines the fate of the Jacksonville Jaguar's two main men- QB David Garrad & Head Coach Jack Del Rio. The Jags have a great deal of momentum heading into this season including an enthusiastic, supportive fan base and what should prove –to-be a much stronger O line and Defense. During the off season it has been reported that Garrard has sharpened his leadership skills and initiated team-building dinners with the players. He has realized that an off-the-field relationship with his teammates will increase his player’s desire to fight for him -on the field. That should help his chances but the fans will demand more than mediocrity and a slightly improved Season. The fans want and deserve leadership, excellence, and most of all Passion- and it may be now or never!


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