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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bank It - The Jagaurs are Back!

We've all heard Jacksonville Jaguar fans refer to the Jaguars and the city as Duuu-vaaalll, but now fans might want to consider saying in bank vault. That is because EverBank stepped up and agreed to terms with the Jaguars for naming rights to the stadium for 5 years.

Maybe this will put an end to the rumors that the Jags will be moving to Los Angeles. In fact the Huffington Post published an article yesterday aptly titled "Jaguars to L.A.? Don't Take It to the EverBank!"

Maybe, just maybe, the Jaguars and the fan base will get their Swagger back. Remember the days of old when the North End Zone was filled with crazy Jag fans that would pump up defensive pro-bowlers like Marcus Stroud and John Henderson? There was electricity in the air and you could feel it.

The Jaguars have ample momentum right now and while this has always been a College Football town, the people of Duuu-vault are starting to realize that the Jaguars are the lifeblood of the city. With the inception of Team Teal and all of Toni Bascelli's efforts, you can sense that the tide is changing back to the days of old. The people of Jacksonville are beginning to re-invest in the Jaguars..... you can take that to the EverBank!

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