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Friday, July 30, 2010

Jaguars Have Not Signed Alualu Yet

While Jaguar fans anxiously await the signing of Tyson Alualu, some are starting to wonder if yet another first round draft pick will miss most or all of training camp. Over the last two years, the Jaguars have been unable to sign their first round picks prior to the start of training camp and this year is not an exception.

The question remains, when will the rookie out of the University of California sign with the Jags and get into to camp? Fans have seen firsthand how much former first-rounders Derrick Harvey and Eugene Monore have struggled in their first season and they attribute that to missing training camp.

According to TFY Draft Insider on Twitter, the Jaguars haven't yet offered Alualu a contract to sign. This time however, it is not the Jaguar's or Alualu's fault. Typically top ten first rounders sign in the order for which they were drafted. With the number one overall pick, Sam Bradford, still unsigned the process of signing the rest of the top ten has been delayed. Once the number one pick signs, contracts will take on a "domino effect". So until Bradford and other players drafted before Alualu sign, worried Jaguar fans will more than likely have to wait.
UPDATE: As of Saturday, July 31st, Sam Bradford has signed a contract. Draft picks 8 and 11 have signed as well. If 9th pick CJ Spiller signs, expect a contract offer from the Jags to be imminent.

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